If you are reading this article, you are at the least curious, or maybe your website has already been hacked as mine was. This is not an advertisement for a particular product, though I use one. It is hopefully rather a wake-up call, so that you will get some sort of protection before your site gets hacked.

I was cruising along quite nicely, oblivious to any danger, and quite happy that way. I was vaguely aware of website malware, but, of course, that could never happen on MY site. One day I was viewing my site, and instead of getting the pretty blue front page, I got an ugly red warning saying that my site contained malware and recommending not to access it.

I had several different reactions to this. I did not know anything about the subject, and it seemed a bit overwhelming, so I even thought about discontinuing the site. After a bit of research, I discovered that there were companies that actually specialised in fixing and preventing these sorts of problems. They also will do the work of getting your site removed from the various blacklists.

I use Sucuri Security, but there are many others I am sure.

In my case, they checked my site, found numerous problems, and fixed all of them. That process took about an hour. After that, they submitted my site for reconsideration by the various monitoring agencies to be removed from their respective blacklists. That process took longer, because it required action by others. In any case, after about 3 days, my site was back in the good graces of everyone.

The service I have received has been excellent. Every question I have had has been answered quickly and thoroughly. My confidence has been restored that my site is safe for people to use.