This is a turn that has been a favorite of mine for a long time. I call it the "outside turn," only because the face is toward the outside of the pool during the turn, no other reason. I am sure others have different names for it.

The outside turn has several advantages: 

  • You can maintain a bit of momentum through the turn.
  • It requires less effort than some other kinds of turns.
  • You can get a good stroke off the turn when it is done properly.


There are some things that are helpful during this turn, especially when you are using a normal monofin. It is important to keep the lower legs as parallel with the pool bottom as you can during the beginning of the turn to keep the fin from sliding sideways around the turn, and it is important to get yourself and your fin rotated before you hit the wall. This turn, like any other, requires practice. I have spent a huge amount of time working on turns. I have tried to learn all different types so that I can teach them. People prefer certain types of turns for their own reasons, so I try not to exert too much pressure on them to accept a particular turn type, though I do like this one, for me.


One variation of the outside turn that I really like is the Katarina turn, by Katarina (Turčinović) Zubčić. Here you see me doing a fairly slow one.

This turn has all the advantages of a normal outside turn, but additionally is very fast and gives a huge distance off the wall. There is a lot going on that makes this turn special, but I will not go into it here.

You can read a more in-depth treatment of the Katarian turn in my article on this site.

One thing I can say is that everyone else that I know of who has tried this turn has loved it. If you watch Katarina do it, you will understand why.