bi fin turns

Just to be fair, I thought I would pen a brief article about bi-fin turns. I have covered monofin turns extensively, but this is my first coverage of the bi-fin variety. This one will be in a bit of a different format than the other. With the monofin, there are enough quality videos out there to provide good examples to learn from. With the bi-fin, there is almost no good content out there, so I made my own video for this purpose.

Here in this first video you will see me do two turns.

The first is a push-off turn. You will also see this turn in my article on monofin turns. It is done with bi-fins pretty much the same way. To me, the key to getting any of these turns right is proper longitudinal rotation before hitting the wall. If you watch where I am when I get to the wall, you will see a good example of this. Once you are rotated properly, the turn almost makes itself.

The second is the outside turn. Again this is almost identical to the monofin outside turn. The main difference here is that the turn is so much easier to do. This is probably the easiest turn to do of any for both types of fins. There is really nothing to it.


Good luck with these turns. If you see a good underwater video of them, please let me know.